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Travelers love Vietnam for good tasted food

Travelers love Vietnam for good tasted food

According to a survey of Visa, many visitors to Vietnam express that the most attractive thing for them is to experience distinctive culture and enjoy various cuisines of this country
The survey of Visa on International tourism trend was applied for 11.620 international visitors from 23 countries inAsia Pacific, Europe and America. They are all 18 years old up and traveled within the past two years, intending to travel oversea including Vietnam in next two years.
About 69% visitors to Vietnam said that they were willing to pay more to enjoy various cuisines; 65% visitors are also willing to pay for sightseeing; 62% are willing for extra restful services and experience different cultures.
Vietnam Tourism
According to Visa, to experience various culture and food is now the key factor attracting visitors, although, in the future, they will choose low –cost places. The economic recession makes travelers more carefully choose tourism options; Visitors often like 3-4 star hotels; however, the cheap ones will be preferred in the future.
Therefore, the report expresses that Vietnam Tourism need to boost promotion programs to attract more and more visitors to Vietnam.

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