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Saigon – one of 10 cities have the most attractive street food

Saigon – one of 10 cities have the most attractive street food

The Food and Wine Magazine has selected ten cities which have the most delicious street food in the world. Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam ranks 5th for noodle soup (Vietnamese: Phở) and pâté bread. Below are list of top ten places:
1.    Austin (Texas  - USA)
Austin is known for a lot of delicious street food such as Lucky’J fried chicken, Tacos Waffles or grilled Kimcheeze (or Kim Chee) which is sold on the Korean BBQ style truck, a combination between Korean style and Mexico style.
2.    Bangkok (Thailand)
Bangkok is called “street food” paradise. Food markets could be found on almost every street corner from Yaowarat  to China town… Some typical dishes are grilled pork skewers, curry fish, fried banana with flour, durian fruit.
Bangkok Food
3.    Berlin (Germany)
Beer is a major part of German culture. Street food in Berlin is various: Bread likes the Turkish Donne Kebab, or wurst (hot pork sausage), and the currywurst in Berlin is different. It is about 40 centimes long and cut into pieces, topped with tomato sauce mixed with curry powder and chili powder.
Berlin food
4.    Chicago ( United States)
In Chicago, there are trucks specializing in providing street food such as Wagon – Gaztro severed meat bread, Meatyballs Mobile and Southern Mac. Nowadays, more and more food trucks operated in Chicago as Food Truck Tuesdays in the South, Halted Avenues in Park Lincoln, Food Truck Thursdays in Ethyl’s Beer, Wine Dive in West Loop and Chicago Food truck.
Chicago food
5.    Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
One of the best street food in Ho Chi Minh that visitors like are “Pho” and French bread with pâté. Besides, there are some specialties from the South as “Banh Xeo” (Pancake). Visitor will have chance to try fried spring rolls when coming to Ben Thanh Market.
Ho Chi Minh City food
6.    Hong Kong (China)
Visitors to Hong Kong often go to Temple Street in Kowloon to enjoy some good dishes such as squid, shrimp, fried oysters, curry fish, cheap –priced hotpot. This is also well-known for Stinky Tofu and grilled viscera.
Hongkong food
7.    Istanbul (Turkey)
Turkey is very famous for Doner Barbecue and Istanbul – the biggest city of this country also has a lot of delicious street food such as Borek (pastry cake ), simit (round bread is sprinkled with sesame seeds) and kumpir (baked potatoes with tomato sauce, sausage and olive oil).
Istanbul Food
8.    Los Angles (United States)
In Los Angles, the food trucks with label Koji have been popular since 2009. A lot of food is served on the truck: Bulgogi (Korean – Mexico style), Dim Sum, grilled cheese, fried chicken, biscuits with honey…
Los Angles food
9.    Marrakech (Morocco)
Markets in Morocco are well - known for carpets, pottery; besides, some others built many centuries ago also sells many specialties, cereal, barbecue, especially the Harira – a favorite soup of the Moroccans made from meat, lentils, peas.
Marrakech food
10.    Mexico City (Mexico)
Undeniably, that Mexico has been famous for Taco bread (a sort of Mexican Sandwich). In Mexico capital, there are also antojitos (snacks) or Elotes made from roasted corn and covered with a layer of Mayonnaise, chili powder, white cheese and lemon juice.
Mexico City Food

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