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ASEAN and Korea exchange tourism tips

ASEAN and Korea exchange tourism tips

Southeast Asian countries have gained tips on improving their tourism industry from Korea.
The ASEAN-Korea Centre hosted a tourism workshop from Jan. 29 to Feb. 2. Members of the National Tourism Organization and industry representatives from 10ASEAN member states and Korea attended the ASEAN Tourism Promotion Workshop in Seoul.
The workshop included lectures on tourism trends and prospects for ASEAN and Korea, tourism promotion policies, marketing strategies and tourism development plans for mega international events. Following the talks by industry professionals and academics, ASEAN representatives shared ideas on tourism promotion programs in ASEAN and Korea.
The workshop was followed by a field trip to Pyeong Chang and other parts of Gangwon Province to visit venues for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics and observe the tourism promotion programs of the province promoting Korean traditional culture.
The Tourism Promotion Workshop was organized as part of the ASEAN-Korea Centre’s Programs for ASEAN Tourism Human Resource Development to strengthen competitiveness of ASEAN tourism and promote tourism exchanges between Southeast Asia and Korea.

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