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Twice more Russian Visitors Enjoy “Tet Festival” in Nha Trang

19th January, Mr Nguyen Van Thanh, the Manager of Khanh Hoa Tourism Promotion Center, informed that number of Russian Visitors staying in Nha Trang City for this Tet Holiday is about 12.000 turns, double increasing compared to last New Year occasion. Number of Russian visitors has strongly increased for recent years. In 2010, there were 28.000 tourists arrival; in 2011, the number was up to nearly 20.000 turns.
At the end of Oct 2011, a tourism company in Vietnam named Sunshine cooperated with Pegas Touristik company in Turkey to welcome 180 -200 passengers at Cam Ranh Airport. Visitors are from nine different cities in Siberia and Far East of Russia.
Beside that, Nhat Minh International Tourism Company cooperating with Vladivostok Air of Russia opened the new route Krasnoyarsk – Cam Ranh airport. This company also maintains flights once per fortnights from Krasnoyarsk and Khabarovsk to Cam Ranh Airport.
Nhatrang Tours
More Russian Visitors travel to Nha Trang through Cam Ranh Airport
Mr Tran Thanh Tu, the receptionist of Starlet hotel on Tue Tinh Street, said that more Russian visitors to stay in this hotel this year. For 120 foreign guests, 80 people are from Russia”. Mr Eshlin Viacheslav and his wife, who are staying in this hotel said: “we choose Nha Trang because there are many beautiful places and Islands here. Luckily, our vacation is on occasion of Vietnam Lunar New Year, this will be the best time to understand more about the culture of your country”.

Google Announces Layout Algorithm Improvement

Google Announces Layout Algorithm Improvement

Google has launched an algorithmic update that evaluates the layout of a webpage. The latest change looks at the layout of a page as well as the amount of content featured on a page, and will negatively affect sites that don't have enough content "above-the-fold," such as sites where users have to scroll down the page past several ads to find content.

Google assures webmasters and site owners that the page layout algorithm change will not affect sites that feature a "normal" amount of ads above the fold. However, if a site features an "excessive degree" of ads or makes it difficult for users to find quality content on the page, it will not rank as highly. The search giant did not disclose the difference between "normal" and "excessive." However, in a blog post announcing the change, Google's Matt Cutts advised site owners and webmasters to use the company's Browser Size tool to evaluate how a website appears under various screen solutions.

"If you believe that your website has been affected by the page layout algorithm change, consider how your web pages use the area above-the-fold and whether the content on the page is obscured or otherwise hard for users to discern quickly," said Cutts.

According to Google, the latest algorithmic change affects less than 1 percent of searches worldwide. Sites with updated layouts will be automatically crawled and indexed by Google. So if your site is affected by the update, simply make the changes and wait for Googlebot to crawl and process enough pages on your site, a process that can take up to several weeks.

- Melanie Saxe

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Enjoy tourism services with one US Dollar

Enjoy tourism services with one US Dollar

That is the familiar canvassing of every tuk –tuk drivers in Siem Reap (Cambodia) when they meet visitors from the buses. Some tourists wonder about that price, some sits calmly in the car. Those who saw this for the first time also gradually select one driver to be taken to their hotel.
Siem Reap Cambodia Travel
Tuk –tuk car – an interesting and cheap service in Cambodia
Along the way to hotel, many people are worry because with only one US Dollar, they wonder if the driver could be a pickpocket or not. Actually, the driver will take you around the city to see some other good hotels for price and it facilities before take you to the hotel you need. That is really a popular welcome without swindle.
In Cambodia, the type of services worth only one US Dollar is very various. On every street, there are many shops with signboard of one US Dollar for their products or services. Many children selling souvenirs also offer one US Dollar for a series of products such as flutes, muscle relaxant, or some pictures of Cambodia. 
There is no scramble for visitors in most of shops, or stores in tourism areas of this beautiful country. Visitors coming here are hardly disturbed or followed by sellers. In a romantic and sunny afternoon, we easily see an European student peacefully sitting by the Angkor Temple and free his soul to enjoy the beauty of spectacular wonder; or a professional journalist recording a film about cultural activities in Siem Reap.

Angkor Watt Temper
In comparison with tourism resources, Vietnam has more advantages than Cambodia does such as length of the coast, a large number of beauty spots, historical cultural heritage. Mr Sam Promonea, Deputy Minister ofCambodia Tourism, said that the advantages of natural and marine resources of Vietnam are not as much as Cambodia’s.
In the year 2000, number of International tourists to Cambodia was 466,000 turns. In the year 2010, Cambodia’s tourism industry attracted more than 2 million turns. The number of visitors increases 5,1 times each 10 years. Meanwhile, Vietnam Tourism develops better and faster than Cambodia tourism: The number of visitors was 2,14 million turns in 2000 and  twice times increased in 2010.
The Prime Minister of Cambodia, Mr Hun Sen said that the tourism industry will become the “engine” ofCambodia’s economic growth and Cambodia was committed to be one of the most famous destinations in the world. This seems to be done from the small details but close to visitors such as just 1 US Dollar for many different products and services here.
Obviously, It is not easy to receive money from traveller but with one US Dollar, it is completely impossible!

Emirates Airlines will fly to Ho Chi Minh City

Emirates Airlines will fly to Ho Chi Minh City

Emirates Airline announced firm is preparing plans to open direct flights from Dubai to Ho Chi Minh City on 4-6-2012 in plans to expand its route network to Southeast Asia.
Vo Huy Cuong, Head of Air Transport Aviation Administration, said Emirates is preparing the agency for permission to carry out daily flights to Ho Chi Minh City.
Emirates also announced that it will use Airbus A330-200 aircraft including 27 business class seats and 251 economy class seats for flights between Dubai International Airport and Tan Son Nhat International Airport. As planned, the company's aircraft will arrive at City 19 hours 20 minutes and take off leaving this city at 20 hours 50 minutes.
Emirates Airline
Emirates Airline is preparing plans to fly to Ho Chi Minh City on May 6-2012 – Photo: Emirates website.
As the schedule,  28-10-2012, the airline will use Boeing B777-300 ER, also includes business-class cabins and common for flights on new routes. Ho Chi Minh City will be the first 124 destination of Emirates and is the eighth international flights it plans to open in 2012.
Chairman of Emirates Airline, said Tim Clark said it is busy preparing to launch new service between Dubai andHo Chi Minh city - is one of the most dynamic cities in Southeast Asia. Through the gate of the city, it will bring tourists from the Middle East, Europe and Africa to explore the sites of Vietnam, including the ancient town of Hoi An, the beaches of Nha Trang, the floating market and restaurants in the Mekong Delta.
The Emirates are using 168 aircraft types to conduct flights to 116 destinations around the world. Emirates also known as the airlines are taking advantage of the Airbus A380 of the world's largest, with 20 the largest passenger commercial aircraft in the world.
Emirates Airlines will be the second airline of Middle East directly flights to Vietnam. Now, the airlines Qatar Airways are making daily flights from Doha to Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi stop over Bangkok (Thailand).

Best of Vietnam Discovery

Best of Vietnam Discovery

Day 1 Arrive Hanoi, Vietnam

On arrival, you are met and privately transferred to your hotel of choice. The remainder of the day is free to relax
Day 2 Hanoi
Hanoi Chua 1cotHanoi is a city of lakes and parks with a French influence from its colonial days. With less traffic and congestion than many other Asian cites, it is an attractive town to start your Vietnam adventure. Your day of sightseeing includes the Temple of Literature, founded in 1070 AD, and the oldest school in the country. Then on to Hoan Kiem Lake, with its Tortoise Tower, the Opera House, built between 1901 and 1911, and the One Pillar Pagoda, an engineering wonder. You will also enjoy a water puppet show. (B L)

Day 3 Halong Bay Excursion

Drive through the countryside to beautiful Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This vast bay is dotted with more than 3,000 limestone peaks rising from the ocean. Your cruise of Halong Bay on a traditional wooden boat will explore the many caves and islets, and glide by the floating villages of the fishermen and pearl farmers who live on the bay. (B L)

Day 4 Hanoi - Danang or Hoi An

Transfer to the airport for the flight to Danang. On arrival you will be met and taken on a private tour of the city including the Cham Museum, an open-air museum of some of the world’s finest sculptures of the Champa civilization. You will also visit China Beach, made famous by the TV series, and the area where American troops came for rest and relaxation during the war. Your final stop is the beautiful Marble Mountains, five peaks that represent the five elements of the universe. Then transfer to your hotel in Danang or Hoi An. (B)
Day 5 Hoi An Excursion
Hoian japan brigdeFrom Danang, head south to Hoi An, a picturesque riverside town that was a major port from the 17th to the 19th centuries. In-depth private sightseeing will include many of the temples and pagodas, the Tran Family Chapel built more than 200 years ago, Quan Thang House, one of the town’s oldest homes, Phung Hung House, where one family has resided for more than eight generations and much more. You will also cruise the Thun Bon River to the village of Kim Bing, home to many woodworkers and shipbuilders. (B)
Day 6 Danang or Hoi An - Hue
Journey north over the Truong Son Mountains, a region of stark beauty and scenic views. On arrival in Hue, tour the Old Imperial City, built in the early 19th century. Within its walls are numerous palaces and temples as well as a library and museum. You will also see the Forbidden Purple City, a replica of Beijing’s Forbidden City, which was reserved for the personal use of the emperor and his servants. (B L)
Day 7 Hue - Ho Chi Minh City
Transfer to the airport for the flight to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s largest and most colorful city. Private sightseeing includes the Reunification Palace, called Independence Palace before the fall of Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City) in 1975, the War Remnants Museum, Bih Tay Market, the Jade Emperor Pagoda, and much more. Your evening is free. (B L)
Day 8 Ho Chi Minh City
A full free day in this delightful city. Your local host will be a wealth of information on things to see and do, favorite restaurants and the best places to shop. There are several optional outings to choose from, including the Cu Chi Tunnels, a network of tunnels built during the Vietnam War connecting command posts, hospitals, shelters, and weapon factories for the Viet Cong. Afterward, visit Tay Ninh, home to the Caodai Great Temple, one of the most striking structures in all of Asia. There’s also an optional outing to the Mekong Delta that includes a cruise and lunch. (B)
Day 9 Depart Ho Chi Minh City
Transfer to the airport for your return flight. You arrive back your homeland. (B)

Vietnam Visa service is Fast and Easy

Vietnam Visa service is Fast and Easy Vietnam Visa

Getting VISA to Vietnam is the first task to be completed when you prepare to visit or spend your trip in Vietnam. It is said by some travelers that it is a bit complicated and take them a lot of time to get a Vietnam entry VISA. In fact, Vietnam is now open and warmly welcoming you to Vietnam. You can get a visa to Vietnam by applying at Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate in your country or ordering a visa service at a Travel Agent. And it takes around 2, 3 days working.
Visa Vietnam
To more convenience for customers, Welcome Vietnam Tour provides faster browsing visa service. After providing personal information, within 12 hours of work, we can send the approved visa into Vietnam for you.
This service helps you quickly come to Vietnam to travel and settle the business as soon as you planned.
All information about the review process and results, please contact us via our email address:
As locals, we have a great command of Vietnam culture, system of laws, and regulations on Vietnam Visa. With several years of experience in arranging Vietnam visa, we recommend you exactly what you should do and don’t on getting Vietnam Visa.
Welcome !

Returning to the Reality with Ecotourism

Returning to the Reality with Ecotourism

People  often travel to escape from the reality, however, traveling to become a part of reality and understand more about life of other people from other countries is very interesting.
Laos DestinationThe Gibbon Experience Resort in theNothern of Laos is really wish for many people who love ecotourism and discovering the beauty of nature.In here, guests sleep in the tree houses high in the forest Canopy , and move around the dense jungle by system of large zip wires connected between the tree houses together. “ This is a very unique type of travel. Enjoy the beauty of the jungle and also help protecting wild life in here” said a visitor from Vietnam.
With the permission of Lao Government, five years ago,  theGibbon Experience Resort operated and preserved  the Bokeo Natural Reserve. The proceeds from tourism business was used to pay for 40 employees included the local workers and forest protectors. A part of this proceeds was also to support people of the area in develop agriculture and protect wild animals being in danger of extinction such as Gibbons, Bears, Tigers, Musk –deers, Elephants and buffaloes.
Thanks to helping the local people do business while preserving the natural environment, The Gibbon Experience is an ideal example for ecotourism. According to The CEO of Ecotourism Australia, Mr Kym cheatham, this is form of natural tourism to discover, protect the environment and community, “make chance for descendants of visitors today could come back and enjoy, which is called the heritage we leave for our future gernerations”.
The market of 89 billion US Dollars
This form of “responsible travelling” includes ecotourism, volunteer tourism, adventure, culture and heritage, green tourism, or sustainable tourism. More and more visitors wish to experience new tourism type.This helps enlarge their knowledge, also contributes to preserve the environment and local people who live in the tourism area. According to the report of adventure tourism market of George Washington University (USA ) in 2010, this trend has been developing  into a business field worth 89 billion US Dollars for 2 decades.
The Ecotourism was actually established 30 years ago when it was  for travellers who only want to travel with nature instead of hotels, resorts, or luxury cruises. However, at that early time, many people had bad action as cutting the forest trees in order to make nice view for visitors. In the 1990s, Australia became the fist nation to establish the program of certifying ecotourism in a guide book of 165 pages and list of more than 200 tourism products certified.
Mrs Kristin Lammoureux, Director of Institue for International Tourism Studying of George Washington University, said that: “People have ignored mass tourism in which they themselves feel have no private space”. Therefore, the form of homestay, travelling combines the volunteer work to wild life reserve, rural areas  or eco –green accomodations with low cabonic produce has become enjoyable.
Ecotourism has become a main trend and activities for natural environment has become an indispensible part of any tour programes. Visitors can spend one day for personal shopping and join volunteer activities on the next day”. Said Kristin.
Asia Pacifics HighlightAsia – Pacifics Highlight
Asia Pacific area is nowadays an atractive destination for visitors who love this type of responsible traveling. Ecotourism in Philipines and Indonesia is developing very quickly. Thailand and Laos are trying to catch these two nations. Campuchia where many non – government orgernizations are actives, has a well –developed volunteer tourism. Possessioning a lot of wild and diverse natural spots, Australia is also one of top choice for the nature - love form China, Japan, and Korea. Meanwhile, most of the visitors chosing ecotourism in Southeast Asia are from Western countries, Singapore and North Asia, this means that the tourist potential from Southeast Asia has been unexplored.  
Vietnam is an example. A girl named Ngoc, who lives in Ho Chi Minh City and is an representative for first visitors of ecotourism discribed her experience to The Gibbon Experience: She and her friend spent 4 hours walking through the jungle to get the tree houses where they would stayed. “I really trembled when initially using the system of zip wires on the trees, however, that fear quickly passed over for feeling of joyfulness. You can hear the sounds of the jungle and welcomed some guests as wild animals here. This type is so unique. Instead of just sightseeing, for this you will feel like you yourself are part of the jungle” Said Ngoc.
Laos toursProtecting, exposing, and taking care of the animal is a main activity of ecotourism. 
In Asia pacific area, visitors have more chance to expose the animals than in Western countries. At the Elephant Village Sanctuaty & Resort located in suburb of Luang Prabang, Laos, visitors could bath the elephants and feed and feed them, or also learn how to train this animal. In china, visitor could work at the Bifengxia Panda Reserve in Sichuan Province, feed them and take - care the little pandas. In Tasmania, Australia, the refuge for unique wild animals, visitors could cuddle the Wombat bears, play with the Koala bears or reach the Kangaroos and feed them.
The Borneo Island in Indonesia is also a beautiful destination for ecotourism with the pioneering company named Borneo Eco Tours which was established in 1991. The company has remained the “green policy” so far, contributing to the preserving the rare animal species such as long –nosed monkeys, thick – skinned species such as elephants, rhinoceroses, turtles, and specially the Orang Utan apes  – characteristics of the Island. 

Nowadays, the company and Shangri La’s Rasa Ria hotel run a Natural Reserve for program “resettlement” for Orang Utans. At Sukau Rainforest Lodge Resort of Borneo Eco Tours, people built a more than 500 meters path helping the Pymes Elephant ( voi lùn ) easily move on during their migration season. Willie Ki, marketing staff of Borneo Eco Tours said that: “ We do not organize tour program to the zoos, or any other places where the animals are locked in cages. We try to integrate natural preservation educating activities in the tours and through publications”.
Helping the visitors raise their awareness of protecting environment and local people community is the goal of most businesses in this responsible tourism field. Bronwen Laopha, the founder of Faa Sai Resort & Spa in Chanthaburi,Thailand, said that: “preserving biodiversity and raise people’s awareness is our mission. Our resort is very beautiful and less human’s action. Beside not causing negative impact to the nature and local people, we also want to bring good things to them”.
Eye witnessing some other businesses cut the forest trees to grow rubbers, devastate the ecological environment for their immediate benefit, the Laophas tried to grow plant and grass for medical products and serve cultural activities.  They bought devastated land areas and renovated them into mashes or gardens and named them White Water Lake. All constructions were built from hand –made bricks at the local. They could plant rice and vegetables serving the visitors. Bronwen, a member of the Laophas said that they hoped their work would bring positive impact.
According to Kym, CEO of Ecotourism Australia, there are aslo many businesses so –called “environmentally friendly” like Bronwen. For example, Mr Rob Pennicottn in the South Coast of Tasmania is the founder of Bruny Island Cruises Company specializing in Whale and seal watching tours. He has used all proceeds of his company with visitor’s fund in order to expel the predator cats from the Tasman Island and protect sea birds in here for three years. The Low Isles Sail Away Resort organizes tours around the Great Barrier Reef ( or Dai Bao Tieu) by rafts. All proceeds is for buying land and growing local plants, creating sustainable forests. These private companies have helped the local government a lot because the government does not have enough budget for such work.
Volunteer Tourism in Cambodia
There is no country in Asia developing the voluntary tourism as popularly as in Cambodia. Presence of many NGOs in this country makes Cambodia become a frequent destination for visitors. The American couple Jake – Emily Fisher, for example. On Oct, 2010, they decided to enjoy their honeymoon in Siem Reap as volunteering to help orphans in Svay Savong School. Every morning, the couple took the bus to the school, played and talked to the children about life outside Cambodia. In the afternoon, they spent 3-4 hours teaching them English with topics about tourism and natural conservation.
The Fishers are not individual travelers. According to the survey of the center of tourism, hotel and restaurant managing in Virginia Tech University, USA, many visitors are willing to spend 7 – 8 hours per day for voluntary work. After finishing, they spend several days sightseeing and enjoy local food. “Cultural exchange between voluntary visitors and local people could help them understand more about each other” said Nancy McGehee, the professor in charge of that survey.
The Fishers completely agree: “America, the small joy of children there becomes our great happiness when we are back to America, this experience really changes our overview on tourism. We often travel to escape from the reality, but to become a part of reality and understand more about life of other people from other countries is very interesting”. Regarding to Ms Ngoc, the nature is so beautiful and needs to be protected. This is a worth preserving property for the future generations.
From Jenin St.Lee-John

Mekong Queen Boat

Mekong Queen Boat

A one day excursion will begin after boarding a luxury wooden boat, the Mekong Queen, with a visit of the colorful Cai Be floating market where you can experience all of local trading activities with several kinds of agricultural products from one boat to another. The Cai Be floating market is one of the most well-known and the biggest wholesaler markets in the Southern Vietnam, which was formed during the Nguyen Dynasty in the 19th century. It is always busy, bearing all the characteristics of the Southern local’s life in the Mekong Delta. All the goods are transported to the market by boats. The floating market lies on the Tien (Upper) river, and is divided into two parts: buying and selling places. Boats are anchored along the two sides of the river for kilometers. From the floating market, goods are shifted for selling at inland markets or have small boats taken for delivery along canals in the Plain of Reeds. Approximately 400 to 500 boats filled with fruits, vegetables, and other products are joining here and make it very busy from 05:00 am in the morning until late in the afternoon. Traders live on the river and on their mobile houses for ages. The products are hung on a pole in front of the boats to attract customers. Their needs are everywhere anticipated on the floating market.
You then continue boarding to a local factory to visit and learn how pop rice, pop corn, rice paper and coconut candies are made. You also have an opportunity to taste these products served with a cup of hot green tea.
Let’s get back to the Mekong Queen and spend one hour and a half cruising through Dong Phu canal, Binh Hoa Phuoc and An Binh to Vinh Long, the capital town of Cuu Long (nine Dragon) Province. Spending your time, laying your back on the boat and shooting the beautiful and peaceful sceneries along the river, life is much easier experiencing the local village lives in the Mekong Delta.
The boat stop at Mr. Tam Ho (No 8 Tiger) where you can take a short walk through his nursery garden to learn how economy of this family is based on, and then enjoy several kinds of tropical fruit in the Mekong Delta. Here you will have a chance to taste the home-made snake wine while listening to Vietnamese traditional music (subject to availability), called Tai Tu and performed by the locals.
Getting back to the boat and crossing the Co Chien River, one of the two branches of the Mekong to Vinh Long to visit one of the biggest local brick factories, please get your camera ready to shoot some photos of the very hard working local workers.
You are almost reaching to the final fantastic destination of your day on the Mekong Queen, Sa Dec. Stop to visit the local floating houses where thousands of fishes are raised in the wooden boxes underneath in the natural water of the river and Tan Hoa Temple which was built hundreds of years ago by the locals. Continue cruising on the river for another one hour to Sadec, you will have a big chance to discover the beautiful landscapes and the typical life of the Mekong Delta along the way. On arrival, landing at the central market located right on the bank of the river. After saying goodbye to the crew, take a very short walk to experience yourself at an ancient house which was built in French colonial architecture. This is a house shot in a very famous movie called “ The Lovers “, based on a true love story of Mr. Huynh Thuy Le, a rich Vietnamese-Chinese gentleman and Ms. Marguerite Duras.
End of tour around 15:30 or almost 16:00 pm and board your own vehicle for a drive to your hotel.

Top Ten of the Most Beautiful Places of the World in 2011

Top Ten of the Most Beautiful Places of the World in 2011

You know that there are a lot of famous beauty-sport attracting millions of tourists all over the world annually. However, the list below must make you more surprised at the attractiveness of the landscapes with a huge number of visitors.
Time Square
1.    Time Square in New York, USA   
    Visitors each year: 39,200,000
    Times Square, the most bustling square of New York is known for its many Broadway theatres, cinemas and supersigns. It is one of those places that make New York a city that never sleeps. Visitors are enjoyable with Neon lights, supermarkets, and wonderful performances in here. On streets which are only for walking, cafes become more convenient and attract a lot of visitors. The Square is also a place of  many hotels with various price. Transport vehicles are also deverse from subway, bus, to train, taxi.

Central Park

2.   Central Park in New York City
    Visitors each year: 38,000,000
    New York has a lot of green space but Central Park is still the most beautiful. The Park is located in Manhattan and covers nearly 850 acres, it really becomes a wonderful oasis for both tourists and local people.
    You can relax by riding horse – one of famous services here, visiting zoos, discovering the Belvedere Palace of 19th Century, or just sitting on pavement of Great Lawn pasture to see sky –high buildings of the City.
Union Station
3.   Union Station, Washington, D.C  
     Visitors each year: 37,000,000
    Buit in 1907, Union Station has became more and more crowded with 12,5000 passenger turns each day. However it attracts 37 milion visitor turns to enjoy the unique architectural style of the place.
    Union is also one of interesting shopping with 70 retail stores for various goods and services.
Las Vegas Strip

4.  Las Vegas Strip, Venada, U.S.A  
    Visitors each year: 29.467.000
    Las Vegas Strip is an approximately 4,2 mile (6,8 km) stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard in Clark County, Nevada. The Strip lies within the unincorporated townships of Paradise and Winchester. The Strip has became one legendary destination for vistors since performance of the famous film named The Hangover in 2009. Les Vegas is known for many sorts of attractive entertainment.

Niagara Waterfall
5.    Niagara Waterfall, New York and Ontario  
    Visitors each year: 22,500,000
    Stretching and forming the international border  betweenCanada  and United States, the huge fall drops more than 6milion cubic feet (168,000 m3 ) every minute from the heigh of 70 – 188 feet.
    There are about 500 other falls higher than Niagara in the world, but this fall still has a great atractiveness. It is also easy to traveling around this area.

Grand Central Terminal
6.    Grand Central Terminal, New York City  
    Visitor each year: 21,600,000
    Grand Central Terminal is one of two monumental gateways that were built in New York in the heyday of railway transportation. Unlike the other airports, the visitors could walk around to enjoy the beautiful construction as well as sightseeing while waiting for the flight. Besides, shops and events also help making an atractive destination for tourist.

Faneuil Hall Shopping Center
7.    Faneuil Hall Shopping Center, Boston
     Visitors each year: 18,000,000
    During 1742, the Faneuil Hall( meaning “Cradle of Liberty” ) used to be the place for many speechs of great personalities in history such as Samuel Adams, George Washington.
    The Center nowaday has more than 100 Stores served a lot of specialities atracting visitors.

Magic Kingdom of Disney World
8.    Magic Kingdom of Disney World, Orlando  
     Visitors  each year: 16,972,000
    This is an enjoyable place of many tourists all over the world. The visitor will be lost in a world fulled of myths colors in the fairy tales.

disneyland park
9.    Disneyland Park, Anaheim, CA
    Visitors each year: 15,980,000
    Disneyland is a theme Park  by the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts,located on a small area of 85 acres, but The Park really brings visitor a lot of wonderful experience.

grand bazaar market 10.    Grand Bazaar Market , Istanbul
     Visitors each year: 15.000.000
    Grand bazaar is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world, with more than 58 covered streets and over 4,000 shops. It is well-known for colorful and nice products such as jewelry, pottery, carpet shops, lantern…


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