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Twice more Russian Visitors Enjoy “Tet Festival” in Nha Trang

19th January, Mr Nguyen Van Thanh, the Manager of Khanh Hoa Tourism Promotion Center, informed that number of Russian Visitors staying in Nha Trang City for this Tet Holiday is about 12.000 turns, double increasing compared to last New Year occasion. Number of Russian visitors has strongly increased for recent years. In 2010, there were 28.000 tourists arrival; in 2011, the number was up to nearly 20.000 turns.
At the end of Oct 2011, a tourism company in Vietnam named Sunshine cooperated with Pegas Touristik company in Turkey to welcome 180 -200 passengers at Cam Ranh Airport. Visitors are from nine different cities in Siberia and Far East of Russia.
Beside that, Nhat Minh International Tourism Company cooperating with Vladivostok Air of Russia opened the new route Krasnoyarsk – Cam Ranh airport. This company also maintains flights once per fortnights from Krasnoyarsk and Khabarovsk to Cam Ranh Airport.
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More Russian Visitors travel to Nha Trang through Cam Ranh Airport
Mr Tran Thanh Tu, the receptionist of Starlet hotel on Tue Tinh Street, said that more Russian visitors to stay in this hotel this year. For 120 foreign guests, 80 people are from Russia”. Mr Eshlin Viacheslav and his wife, who are staying in this hotel said: “we choose Nha Trang because there are many beautiful places and Islands here. Luckily, our vacation is on occasion of Vietnam Lunar New Year, this will be the best time to understand more about the culture of your country”.

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