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Enjoy tourism services with one US Dollar

Enjoy tourism services with one US Dollar

That is the familiar canvassing of every tuk –tuk drivers in Siem Reap (Cambodia) when they meet visitors from the buses. Some tourists wonder about that price, some sits calmly in the car. Those who saw this for the first time also gradually select one driver to be taken to their hotel.
Siem Reap Cambodia Travel
Tuk –tuk car – an interesting and cheap service in Cambodia
Along the way to hotel, many people are worry because with only one US Dollar, they wonder if the driver could be a pickpocket or not. Actually, the driver will take you around the city to see some other good hotels for price and it facilities before take you to the hotel you need. That is really a popular welcome without swindle.
In Cambodia, the type of services worth only one US Dollar is very various. On every street, there are many shops with signboard of one US Dollar for their products or services. Many children selling souvenirs also offer one US Dollar for a series of products such as flutes, muscle relaxant, or some pictures of Cambodia. 
There is no scramble for visitors in most of shops, or stores in tourism areas of this beautiful country. Visitors coming here are hardly disturbed or followed by sellers. In a romantic and sunny afternoon, we easily see an European student peacefully sitting by the Angkor Temple and free his soul to enjoy the beauty of spectacular wonder; or a professional journalist recording a film about cultural activities in Siem Reap.

Angkor Watt Temper
In comparison with tourism resources, Vietnam has more advantages than Cambodia does such as length of the coast, a large number of beauty spots, historical cultural heritage. Mr Sam Promonea, Deputy Minister ofCambodia Tourism, said that the advantages of natural and marine resources of Vietnam are not as much as Cambodia’s.
In the year 2000, number of International tourists to Cambodia was 466,000 turns. In the year 2010, Cambodia’s tourism industry attracted more than 2 million turns. The number of visitors increases 5,1 times each 10 years. Meanwhile, Vietnam Tourism develops better and faster than Cambodia tourism: The number of visitors was 2,14 million turns in 2000 and  twice times increased in 2010.
The Prime Minister of Cambodia, Mr Hun Sen said that the tourism industry will become the “engine” ofCambodia’s economic growth and Cambodia was committed to be one of the most famous destinations in the world. This seems to be done from the small details but close to visitors such as just 1 US Dollar for many different products and services here.
Obviously, It is not easy to receive money from traveller but with one US Dollar, it is completely impossible!

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