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Top Ten of the Most Beautiful Places of the World in 2011

Top Ten of the Most Beautiful Places of the World in 2011

You know that there are a lot of famous beauty-sport attracting millions of tourists all over the world annually. However, the list below must make you more surprised at the attractiveness of the landscapes with a huge number of visitors.
Time Square
1.    Time Square in New York, USA   
    Visitors each year: 39,200,000
    Times Square, the most bustling square of New York is known for its many Broadway theatres, cinemas and supersigns. It is one of those places that make New York a city that never sleeps. Visitors are enjoyable with Neon lights, supermarkets, and wonderful performances in here. On streets which are only for walking, cafes become more convenient and attract a lot of visitors. The Square is also a place of  many hotels with various price. Transport vehicles are also deverse from subway, bus, to train, taxi.

Central Park

2.   Central Park in New York City
    Visitors each year: 38,000,000
    New York has a lot of green space but Central Park is still the most beautiful. The Park is located in Manhattan and covers nearly 850 acres, it really becomes a wonderful oasis for both tourists and local people.
    You can relax by riding horse – one of famous services here, visiting zoos, discovering the Belvedere Palace of 19th Century, or just sitting on pavement of Great Lawn pasture to see sky –high buildings of the City.
Union Station
3.   Union Station, Washington, D.C  
     Visitors each year: 37,000,000
    Buit in 1907, Union Station has became more and more crowded with 12,5000 passenger turns each day. However it attracts 37 milion visitor turns to enjoy the unique architectural style of the place.
    Union is also one of interesting shopping with 70 retail stores for various goods and services.
Las Vegas Strip

4.  Las Vegas Strip, Venada, U.S.A  
    Visitors each year: 29.467.000
    Las Vegas Strip is an approximately 4,2 mile (6,8 km) stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard in Clark County, Nevada. The Strip lies within the unincorporated townships of Paradise and Winchester. The Strip has became one legendary destination for vistors since performance of the famous film named The Hangover in 2009. Les Vegas is known for many sorts of attractive entertainment.

Niagara Waterfall
5.    Niagara Waterfall, New York and Ontario  
    Visitors each year: 22,500,000
    Stretching and forming the international border  betweenCanada  and United States, the huge fall drops more than 6milion cubic feet (168,000 m3 ) every minute from the heigh of 70 – 188 feet.
    There are about 500 other falls higher than Niagara in the world, but this fall still has a great atractiveness. It is also easy to traveling around this area.

Grand Central Terminal
6.    Grand Central Terminal, New York City  
    Visitor each year: 21,600,000
    Grand Central Terminal is one of two monumental gateways that were built in New York in the heyday of railway transportation. Unlike the other airports, the visitors could walk around to enjoy the beautiful construction as well as sightseeing while waiting for the flight. Besides, shops and events also help making an atractive destination for tourist.

Faneuil Hall Shopping Center
7.    Faneuil Hall Shopping Center, Boston
     Visitors each year: 18,000,000
    During 1742, the Faneuil Hall( meaning “Cradle of Liberty” ) used to be the place for many speechs of great personalities in history such as Samuel Adams, George Washington.
    The Center nowaday has more than 100 Stores served a lot of specialities atracting visitors.

Magic Kingdom of Disney World
8.    Magic Kingdom of Disney World, Orlando  
     Visitors  each year: 16,972,000
    This is an enjoyable place of many tourists all over the world. The visitor will be lost in a world fulled of myths colors in the fairy tales.

disneyland park
9.    Disneyland Park, Anaheim, CA
    Visitors each year: 15,980,000
    Disneyland is a theme Park  by the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts,located on a small area of 85 acres, but The Park really brings visitor a lot of wonderful experience.

grand bazaar market 10.    Grand Bazaar Market , Istanbul
     Visitors each year: 15.000.000
    Grand bazaar is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world, with more than 58 covered streets and over 4,000 shops. It is well-known for colorful and nice products such as jewelry, pottery, carpet shops, lantern…


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