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Foods and drinks in Vientam

When it comes to eating and drinking, Vietnam has never been an easier place. In tourist areas especially popular places like Hanoi, Saigon, Hoian or Nhatrang… you can find a wide range of food that is acceptable to the international palate. Restaurants are usually clean and menus often have English translations. Apart from most common food – Vietnamese – you can have also French, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Indian… upon your choice.

There are quite lots of restaurants around and the price is also varied depending on quality or style. Average standard meal is around USD5 to USD7 including dink while up market restaurant could be up to USD15 or more.
In some other areas, the variety might be less but it is not really difficult to find. Most of hotel from 3 star have dining facility but dining out is something more interesting.
There are also lots of street foods. This type of food severed very conveniently on side walk but they are sometime far away from international standard of hygiene. Exotic foods are just available in some specific type of restaurant with clear sign and normally for locals so, do not worry if you are not sure what they will serve you during the meal. But, if you want to try something like that, why not?
In general, Vietnamese food is tasty but fresh and healthy and easy for people with different palate. During your trip, apart from included meals in the itinerary, we have optional meal when you can hover around for your own choice. Our group leader or tour guide is willing to help you to book for a table, accompany you to or just simply show you where to have good food. We also encourage you to try something local. This is not only to experience local taste but local culture. Local food restaurants we take you to are well selected among the typical ones and good quality. Our gourmet tour programs are designed to provide you a great chance for cuisine experience with different cooking styles and tastes that available in the country. Here in Vietnam, each place has their own local specialties and many of them are famous in the international food slate. Why not? Dig in, learn something, cook it yourself and enjoy it. It would be great to treat your people at home Vietnamese food with the recipes you learn from Vietnam.

Source: Vietnam Tour

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