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Billionaire Facebook visit Ta Van village – Sapa

Billionaire Facebook visit Ta Van village – Sapa
Come to Sapa town at evening, after walking through a round of tourist town famous Northwest, Mark Zuckerberghas decided to stay in Topas Eco-tourism in Thank Kim district far from around 22km to Sapa town.
Ta Van village – Sapa
Topas eco-tourism area (Sa Pa).
Topas Eco Resort is located in the Thanh Kim district. This is eco-tourism zone by a Danish business construction from May 10/2003. The rest of Topas built on high hills, from here can see the panoramic Hoang Lien Mountain and Muong Hoa stream flowing poetic foot mountain is famous waterfall called love.
According to the BBC reporter is known, this morning, Boss of Facebook to get up quite late and close to 9 am and decided to choose three places are tourist village of Ta Van Commune Day, Silver Falls and near noon will visit the town of Sa Pa tourism.
Nguyen Thi Huong, Deputy Director General of Tourism Topas Eco said: Before leaving to visit the tourist sites of Sa Pa, Mark Zuckerberg has left in the hotel guestbook.
Ta Van village – Sapa
Mark Zuckerberg and his team have asked to move the aircraft to land helipad of the Military Command of Lao Cai.
All menus and schedule of the trip in Sa Pa are kept secret. Especially during the Christmas holiday in Sa Pa,Mark Zuckerberg has asked Tourism Company in Sa Pa 10 layout guides and each guide using in a point in the schedule.
A reliable source said Boss of Facebook do not fly to Hanoi this afternoon (26/12) as the initial information that remain in Sa Pa and will probably stay at a hotel in the tourist town This famous.

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